What is ePayDonate?

ePayDonate is a donation and payment tool that efficiently processes your donors’ contributions from anywhere at any time. We make it easy for donors to make one-time or recurring donations from any device, thus, increasing your revenue and expanding your community. By consolidating the management of organization’s business, ePayDonate helps you reduce overhead and get back to the core of your non-profit charitable work.

Powered by SurePay

SurePay is an online payment management tool designed for small businesses and nonprofits to process, track, and reconcile credit card and ACH transactions. Providing data on your donations, Surepay and ePayDonate help you improve your operational efficiency. With a reputation for reliability and accuracy, you can count on ePayDonate to provide a seamless transaction with every donation.

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Parent Company ePay Data

ePayData provides the merchant services, technology, and tools businesses need for reliable in-person, online, or over the phone payment processing. ePayData works with a variety of payment gateways for integration into any technology system or platform to drive more effect payment processing.

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Just For NonProfits

ePayDonate was designed specifically with the unique needs of nonprofit organizations like yours in mind.