Custom App Checklist

Thank you for joining ePayDonate. Now your organization will have its own app, we just need to put it together with your help.

We want you to be involved but also, for you to follow certain guidelines to make sure the Apple Store and Google Play approves the app without any problem.

Below is a checklist of things you will need to provide us to create your App. Please remember the success of this process depends on our mutual collaboration and teamwork.

Choose a name for your App

The name of your App should be short, catchy and easy to remember. However, the most important part is that it needs to be unique. Something like First Baptist App is probably taken. A good exercise is to follow this link and search for the name.

Sometimes acronyms work best, or the short name of the organization plus the word app works great as well (House of Blessing App). If you need suggestions, please let us know.

Please provide 3 possible names for your App.

Select the base color for your App

ePayDonate custom app for your organization

The base color is the dominant color of your application (see the example above). We have selected for you the top 10 colors for applications nowadays. Choose one keeping in mind that this needs to complement your logo and your chosen background image.

If you don’t see a color below you like, the site at this link should help. Just provide us the hexadecimal value of the color like you see in the blocks below and we will verify compatibility.











Provide Your Logo

We are going to place your logo all over (it’s your app), but you need to provide your logo as a vector file or any other kind of source file. This is very important to ensure the quality of the image.

A logo with more than one color sometimes is difficult to match with your chosen base color or your chosen background; therefore, we will suggest using a solid color version of your logo if we see this is needed.

In addition to this, we will need a high-resolution version of your logo. We prefer a minimum of1024×1024 in an editable format, EPSAIPSD, Transparent PNG. If you can’t provide the logo in this format, talk to your project consultant and for a reasonable fee, we can provide it for you.

Provide Your Background

The background is a large image (minimum resolution of  1242×2208, preferably PNG or JPG format) in portrait orientation that will serve as the splash page and background page of your app. You are encouraged to provide your own, something that represents your organization. However, if you do not have one, we are happy to suggest something for you.

Submit Your Information

Once you have gathered the above information, please submit this to your account executive.