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Donate– Our secure platform provides options for single and recurring donations. We simplify the processing, tracking, and reconciliation of credit card and ACH transactions.

Timeline Give members unrestricted access to all your latest posts, photos, events, and more. Using push notification technology, new content is previewed then shown across all of your social media pages.

Share With Friends Raise awareness, increase your participants, and grow your donor base by seamlessly sharing your timeline content, inviting others to join, and much more.

My Account Get full access to your membership’s profile data

Be A Volunteer People want to volunteer when the process is hassle-free. Our app displays all available volunteer spots, making it easier for your followers to get involved. 

My Donations Your donors can see all of their donations, and the exact amount, as they are made in real time. We call it the instant receipt.

Videos With our app, it’s easy to broadcast live events and services or build your own library of memorable events to share with your members.

Events Instantly notify members of new events and updates, including pictures, descriptions, dates, and locations. Attendees have the ability to confirm attendance so you can keep a real-time headcount leading up to events.

Less Managing, More Engaging

We make the process of giving simple and secure. Centralize your donation process and spend more time on growing your non-profit organization. Access detailed reports, manage funds, and provide your contributors with instant receipts and tax reports. Through the automation that ePayDonate provides, you can save valuable time that would ordinarily be spent on managing your fundraising efforts.

By simplifying the donation process, ePayDonate expands your fundraising capabilities. It’s easy to engage donors when they have the convenience of giving from any device or in person. And with the ability to set up recurring donations that are easy to understand, you can convert one-time donors into lifelong supporters.  

Simplify Business, Expand Your Donor Base

We’ve designed ePayDonate to be accessible and responsive from every device: mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Whether it’s a meeting or an event, you have the ability to receive charitable donations from anywhere at any time.

ePayDonate is at your fingertips, and everywhere your donors are. ePayDonate is specially designed to help you simplify your fundraising efforts.

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Powered By SurePay

We facilitate secure and accurate transactions through our partner platform, SurePay. Providing an online payment management tool to process, track, and reconcile credit card and ACH transactions, Surepay helps you efficiently manage your organization. Your donors trust you to handle their financial data safely, and you can entrust us with your reputation.

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ePayDonate increases your efficiency so you can focus on expanding your non-profit and helping more people.